Photo by Christine Pienaar

Phoebe Tsui knew from a very early age she would pursue a career in the arts. She still remembers her first drawing of flowers and birds from the age of three, and to this day she is drawn to the calming aura of the natural world. Based in Vancouver and taking inspiration from the serene beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Phoebe works with oil and acrylic to craft immersive florals and landscapes that invite pause and reflection amidst the hecticness of daily life.

Phoebe received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia before achieving a Bachelor of Communication Design from Emily Carr. Working as a graphic designer for many years, Phoebe would eventually own her own luxury wedding invitations design firm, during which time she had the opportunity to work with the most discerning couples creating award-winning invitations featured in the industry’s most prestigious publications.

In 2020, Phoebe transitioned to working full-time on her art, a leap-of-faith soon rewarded after her first online launch sold out in just days. Her work can now be found in private collections across Canada and the United States; the promise of that 3-year-old’s drawing has now been finally fully realized.

When Phoebe is not scraping paint off her fingernails, she can be found playing with her young daughter and baby son, traveling the world in search of further inspiration, or enjoying a delicious meal and glass of wine with her husband.